A Scandalous Story of Love: The Ring

Back home in Connecticut last minute Christmas shopping and preparations served to distract me from the confusion that was settling in from my big epiphany. Once the ribbons were untied, wrapping paper torn open, and food safely stored in tupperware my mind wandered back to the tangled web of emotions I’d carried home from Boston. Honestly, now that I’d separated myself from the source of my confusion things were gaining clarity. The intense emotions and events of that night were fading into a dreamlike memory that no longer seemed to reflect reality.

The jumble of confusion was replaced with a pit of guilt. Guilt that I had betrayed Mike. Guilt that I may have ruined something good trying to pursue the impossible. So when Mike called to invite me to NJ for New Year’s I quickly accepted and planned to move forward with our relationship without further hesitation.

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A Scandalous Story of Love: The Beginning

Well, I’ve been inspired a lot lately. Inspired by the calm we’ve been given in Gabby’s storm. Inspired by friends walking by faith. Inspired by a book called Crazy Love and another called One Month to Live. Inspired to be more transparent, passionate, and real. Inspired to leave a legacy. Inspired to live without regret.

Today my “Maine Man” (This is how Duff likes to refer to himself) turns 37 and I have recorded the beginning of our story as a gift to him. I am not writing this story because it’s perfect. Nor to demonstrate the “ins and outs” of meeting a suitable mate. I’m not arguing that we always made smart decisions that I want our children to emulate. I’m writing this story because after being together for 17 years, I am still completely in love with this man. A man that God perfectly chose to complete me. I want our children to see how God worked through us, in spite of ourselves. I want them to be familiar with the intricate details of how He crafted our story. How He called us, molded us, and shaped u,s into His image, even before we called Him Father.

So, without further adieu, here is the first chapter of our story.

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