Logan’s Story

Logan 18 months

It was the summer of 2010.

Our youngest was 20 months old.

She still wore diapers and used a paci.

But she was quite precocious and every bit the little mama in all her other ways.

Gabrielle had just reached her 18 month seizure-free mark and had recently completed the potty training process.

Little Mama

We were open to having more babies, finding it difficult to question God’s sovereignty after all he had brought us through with our sweet Gabrielle.

But as time passed on… I began to wonder if I would ever find myself pregnant with another bambino. [Read more...]

Makinley Hope: God Writes the Story

Makinley Hope
“I believe that God totally, absolutely, intentionally gives us more
than we can handle. Because this is when we surrender to Him
and he takes over, proving Himself by doing the impossible.”

-from “Kisses from Katie


I was maybe 10 weeks pregnant with our sixth child when we packed our bags and locked the doors to our home in North Carolina.

I was debilitated with morning sickness and exhausted beyond words.

We were headed to Manhattan so that our 18 month old daughter could undergo a three-stage brain surgery.

We really had no idea when exactly we would return.

We hoped this surgery would allow doctors to identify and remove the area in her brain responsible for debilitating seizures that threatened her development.

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Gabrielle Faith O’Melia

Gabrielle Faith O'Melia

I collapsed onto my side of the master bed, exhaustion and nausea had taken their toll. It was early evening and the kids had all been scooted off to bed. I leaned against the soft pillows at my back wondering if he would eventually notice the changes, and guess the cause.

I studied his face for any indication that he might be puzzled by my pallor, fatigue, and constant hunger. He was clueless.

I had been feeling this way for several days but just wasn’t ready to speak the words.

Oh forget it, I thought, we can’t go on like this forever.

“I don’t think I can do this!” I blurted out through the tears.

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Luke’s Story (Or should I say…Benjamin’s??)

Luke with Eyes still sealed shut

Boy, did God ever bring us to the midwestern state of Wisconsin for a reason.

It may only have been for 12 months…

but it served a timeless purpose.

God sometimes needs to remove you from the busyness.

He needs to limit the distractions and cut back the obligations,

finally gaining your full attention.

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Keagan Grace- The Rest of the Story

So once the boxes were unpacked, I began my search for a good, VBAC-loving OB or midwife.

It was then that I was introduced to the concept of “alegal midwives”.  Not legal.  Not illegal.  But alegal.

I’m not sure “alegal” is even a real word, but it is the adjective used to describe direct-entry midwifery in Wisconsin.


In North Carolina we had only obstetricians and certified nurse midwives to assist you in delivering your baby.  Direct-entry midwives were (and still are) illegal. (Although they do operate through a sort of underground system, if you will.)

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Keagan Grace O’Melia- Part I

Beautiful Baby Girl

It was October of 2003.

Our little family of four flew to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit Nana and Pops (Duff’s parents).

Nana and Pops

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Madeline’s Story

Madeline Rose O'Melia

I had pretty much wanted children my whole life, back as far as I could remember.

I was the neighborhood babysitter, the nanny, the girl who dressed up as a pregnant nerd one Halloween. (No, I’m not kidding.)

I loved kids. I was drawn to them.

I loved their honesty, their energy, their imaginations, and their lack of social etiquette.

Kids were so refreshing.

Kids were raw.

There was nothing to figure out about them. That’s what I liked most.

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Gavin’s Birth Story

Maddie and Me Christmas 2000

It was Christmas time in the year 2000. Auntie Colleen was visiting and we were heading home from Jumpin’ Jupiters, an indoor playspace that Maddie loved to frequent. I suspected I might be pregnant and just had to know. I suggested we stop by a store on the way home and grab a pregnancy test. I wasted no time, and in minutes we were celebrating two pink lines.

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