How I Recharge

I think because I presently spend an obscene amount of time at home,

escaping from the house is the very best way for me to recharge an extremely dead battery.

During the week I’m running on a hamster wheel, furiously motoring toward a destination I will never reach.

You know what I’m talking about moms- the maddening cycle of cooking, feeding, cleaning, bathing, dressing, picking up, and putting away.  It never ends.

The moment your kitchen floor is mopped, a child crosses it in dirt-filled shoes.  The second your washer is empty, the diaper fails during nap time.  You bathe your little one and dress him in clean clothes, only to find him covered in food, dirt, or art supplies a short time later.

Can you tell I desperately needed to escape from within these four confining walls?  I wasn’t well.

I needed a short hiatus away from it all, to catch my breath and simply enjoy my family.

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Do You Know What’s Sexy?


Young ladies, you can chase anything in a pair of snug-fitting blue jeans.

You can find a set of diamond-cut, blue-green eyes that pierce right through you.

You can seek out a hard body at the gym that ripples with muscle.

But let me tell you what’s really sexy.

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Our Little Minion Turns 3!!

When ‘Despicable Me 2′ was released on iTunes, my little guy became obsessed with minions.  He walked around the house chanting BEEEE-DOOO, BEEEE-DOOO!  He would sneak away with the iPad (this kid is super-ninja stealthy…trust me), when I was preoccupied with homeschooling, and we’d find him hidden in a dark room watching his little yellow friends.

My boy was riveted by these chubby fellas.  His fascination didn’t really surprise me though. The minion is just a two-year-old bundled up and repackaged in a bright yellow suit with goggles.  They have exactly the same energy, silliness, and sense of humor as my boy.



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How Do You Measure Happiness?

The World

I have been struggling here lately with how I measure happiness. I look around through the eyes of the world and very quickly see everything that’s lacking.

I want the spacious, immaculate house with eye-catching colors and designs, gorgeous furniture, built-ins, and perfectly organized closets.

I want yummy, healthy meals that effortlessly appear on the table at dinner time.

I want orderly days without chaos, when everything falls neatly into place and my check-list is completed without fail.

I want always obedient children who are never mischievous, difficult, or defiant.

The world says I need less cellulite, cuter outfits, and more accessories.

The world says my hubby deserves a newer car, a handsome wardrobe, and a neatly landscaped yard.

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Legendary Pizza Bread

Ooey Gooey Goodness

Oh it was a long time ago now,

and one of my favorite couples was visiting.

I don’t believe they had any children of their own yet and my kids were a whole lot younger.

Picture this amazing duo coming into your home and knocking things off the to-do list, providing loads of entertainment, having fascinating conversations, laughing often, and preparing delicious meals.

It doesn’t get any better than that.  Am I right?


Meet Uncle Jeff and Auntie Colleen, the perfect house guests.

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Dripping Faucet

It was a school day.

I was behind.

I slept through my morning routine and threw clean clothes onto my unshowered self.

I doused my hair with dry shampoo, ran a brush through my flat bed-head, and applied some make-up.

This is how you fool the world into thinking you have your act together.

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Makinley’s 5th Birthday

My Little Tinkerbell

Sometimes the simplest of birthday parties are really the most fun.

There’s no timeline.

No stress.

The birthday girl comes first.

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Logan’s Story

Logan 18 months

It was the summer of 2010.

Our youngest was 20 months old.

She still wore diapers and used a paci.

But she was quite precocious and every bit the little mama in all her other ways.

Gabrielle had just reached her 18 month seizure-free mark and had recently completed the potty training process.

Little Mama

We were open to having more babies, finding it difficult to question God’s sovereignty after all he had brought us through with our sweet Gabrielle.

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A Couple’s Weekend

Couple Time

When our children were younger and we needed some ‘us’ time…

we would simply wear them out, feed them an early dinner, and scoot them off to bed.

We affectionately called this ‘Flex Time’ and it was oh so rejuvenating for us and our relationship.

As our children have grown and multiplied in number…

bedtimes have grown later, responsibilities have increased,  parenting has become more complicated, and wake-up calls remain early.

There is very little alone time and it seems more necessary now, than ever before.

It’s nearly impossible to have an uninterrupted conversation in our home, never mind one not intended for little ears.

The work is never done.

A new problem is always on the horizon.

And life just keeps getting busier.

It’s easy peasy to place our marriage on the back-burner and forget about it in the name of sacrifice.

But what exactly would we be sacrificing as time ticks away?

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Bless This House Day

Bless this House


One day, quite a number of years ago, my dear friend Julie opened my eyes to a truth which I had lived out for forever but never plainly understood.

Chaos drains my energy.

Cluttered rooms, fingerprint-covered windows, piles of dirty laundry, Legos strewn across the floor, a sink filled with dirty dishes, sticky messes, crushed Cheerios underfoot…

they unravel me and cause me great unhappiness.

I know what you’re thinking…

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