A Scandalous Story of Love: The Ring

Back home in Connecticut last minute Christmas shopping and preparations served to distract me from the confusion that was settling in from my big epiphany. Once the ribbons were untied, wrapping paper torn open, and food safely stored in tupperware my mind wandered back to the tangled web of emotions I’d carried home from Boston. Honestly, now that I’d separated myself from the source of my confusion things were gaining clarity. The intense emotions and events of that night were fading into a dreamlike memory that no longer seemed to reflect reality.

The jumble of confusion was replaced with a pit of guilt. Guilt that I had betrayed Mike. Guilt that I may have ruined something good trying to pursue the impossible. So when Mike called to invite me to NJ for New Year’s I quickly accepted and planned to move forward with our relationship without further hesitation.

When I arrived at Mike’s house the Christmas tree stood decorated in the living room and underneath one tiny gift remained. Mike bent to retrieve the package and presented it to me with a meaningful look in his eyes. I relished the moment as I slowly unwrapped the velvet box which undoubtedly contained jewelry. I lifted the hinged top revealing an aquamarine ring, saddled with diamonds, and set in gold. At that moment all uncertainty was erased.

Mike was the guy for me! He was obviously head over heels in love with me. From this day forward I pledged my devotion. How could I ever have doubted that he was the one? “Kelly Smith”, hmmmmm, yes it had a nice ring to it. Little toe heads with big brown eyes danced before my eyes running toward me with arms flung wide…..


My thoughts were interrupted.

“Do you like it?” Mike inquired.

“Oh I love it! Thank You!”

“Why don’t you try it on…… see if it fits.” Mike suggested.

The ring slipped easily onto my finger and sat squarely on my fourth digit.

“It’s perfect!” I announced confidently. A confidence that would falter just days later leading me to question once again whether the ring did in fact “fit”.

To be continued……


  1. You can’t just leave us hanging like that . . . Oh, wait. I think I know who wins!

  2. Thank you for this morsel of the next part of the story. This is AWFUL: (My emotional state, not your writing.) I’ve heard most of this story before, I know the ending and STILL I am barely able to wait to read the next part. I have new empathy for my children when they beg, “Just one more chapter, PUH-LEASSE.”

  3. I am fascinated! I’ve never heard the entire story so I am LOVING this!! :)

  4. Get writing! I’m not patient about my love stories!

  5. Carolyn Fitzgreald says:

    I haven’t heard the rest, and am looking forward to the next installment. You are a good writer, Kelly! Hope it comes soon!

  6. Just keep ‘em coming! Can’t wait to hear how you went from “just friends” to SIX kids.

  7. I’m soooo excited to read this!! We’re back in Smithfield now…Chris and I have been talking about trying to see y’all. Hope all is well!


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