Do You Know What’s Sexy?


Young ladies, you can chase anything in a pair of snug-fitting blue jeans.

You can find a set of diamond-cut, blue-green eyes that pierce right through you.

You can seek out a hard body at the gym that ripples with muscle.

But let me tell you what’s really sexy.

Let me tell you what the clock won’t diminish, the calendar can’t fade, and the years won’t destroy.

Because I was once in your place,

and I had no idea what I was really looking for in a husband.

Things could have turned out so very differently,

scary-bad differently.

But somehow despite myself and through God’s infinite mercy, I ended up with one of the good guys.


On my wedding day, I never could have articulated exactly what I’d found in him.

Only now, after much observation, reflection, and experience, can I identify what is truly sexy to me after almost 18 years.

Here is what has kept me falling for him over and over again…


A man who isn’t afraid of commitment.

A man who takes his marriage vows seriously.

A man who stops shopping around and only has eyes for you.

A man who relishes time alone with you.

A man who makes you feel smart, beautiful, and kind.

A man who delights in pampering and spoiling you.

A man who supports you in your lifelong dreams, goals, and desires.

A man who chooses you above all the other noise in life.

A man who makes you feel safe and loved.


A man who fears the Lord.

A man who has integrity when nobody else is looking.

A man who is courageous, pressing forward to face the scary and difficult.

A man who is your rock when the waves crash, threatening to pull you under.

A man who prays with you when you’re terrified out of your mind.

A man who desires to protect and is scared for your well-being.

A man who never pushes you away, but only draws you closer, choosing to love.

A man who is completely honest, no matter how difficult.

A man who remains faithful, standing by your side through trials and victories.

A man who can admit he’s wrong and apologizes.

A man who is never afraid to stand alone.

A man who is trustworthy.


A man who rejoices when you become pregnant and cries tears of joy the day baby is placed in his arms.

A man who runs to the pharmacy day or night for what’s needed.

A man who soothes the fussy baby in his strong, reassuring arms.

A man who quickly becomes your doting nurse, making you comfortable, feeding you, allowing you to rest.

A man who jumps right in- mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, and changing diapers.

A man who tells you you’re an amazing momma.

A man who works hard and provides for the needs of his family.


A man who believes he has a duty to raise his children in the ways of the Lord.

A man who saves the least desirable job for himself.

A man who patiently teaches your children to ride a bike, hit a baseball, or drive a car.

A man who gives baths, brushes little teeth, and reads bedtime stories.

A man who scoops up sleepyheads from the rear of the van and carries them off to bed.

A man who reads the bible with his family.

A man who steps up and faces the awkward and the hard.


A man who takes the first shower and lets you sleep late.

A man who brews your morning coffee and brings home your favorite dessert.

A man who packs up the entire campsite in the pouring rain.

A man who encourages you to take a nap, soak in a bubble bath, or go for a leisurely walk.

A man who surprises you with flowers.

A man who prepares Sunday lunch because you’re plumb worn out.

A man who drops everything to hear what you have to say.


A man who offers a shoulder to cry on.

A man who picks up the pieces and puts you back together again.

A man who makes you laugh and gets your silly jokes.

A man who understands your struggles.

A man who enjoys every little annoying thing about you (or at least pretends to ;) ).

A man who loves to date you even after all these years.

A man who would sacrifices everything for you.

A man who humbles himself before the Lord.


My man isn’t ALWAYS these things,

but these things are incredibly attractive.

These things woo me in ways I would’ve never imagined twenty years ago.

These things DO NOT grow old.

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