A Scandalous Story of Love: Guilty

After a couple of days spent relaxing, skiing, and shopping, Mike and I made plans to attend a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. It would be a gathering of Mike’s old high school buddies. I only knew a handful of these people and was relieved when Duff called Mike to say he’d be there.

This was great! It would be just like old times! The three of us hanging out having a good time together. Mike and I obviously a couple again. The ring on my finger. There would be nothing left for Duff to speculate about. After tonight it would be evident that my bold overtures that last night in Boston were purely whimsical.

We arrived at the party ready to bring in 1993 with a raucous crowd of college aged coeds. It promised to be a wild night. I grabbed a beer and mingled with acquaintances while Mike quickly assimilated with his cronies. Spotting Duff’s familiar face through the crowd melted away my uneasiness. I crossed the room to greet him and received a wonderfully strong embrace. What was it about his hugs? They always made me feel so important.

We began to catch each other up on our adventures over the last couple weeks never once mentioning my fading confession of love. It was odd to me now that Duff and I had ever struggled to get along. We had grown so familiar with one another, so comfortable. I respected his opinions and him mine. We often sought the approval or advice of the other person. We both loved a good discussion and had covered everything from abortion to the best breed of dog in the many hours we had spent conversing.

I don’t recall the exact conversations we had that night which served to distract us from noticing we’d been left alone. The rest of the party had long since moved downstairs into the basement and neither of us made any move to join them. Rumors circulated that there was some illicit drug use going on down there but we never bothered to confirm. We just kept on gabbing away interrupted only by the occasional person running upstairs for food or drink. We sat that way talking in the living room long after the ball had fallen, completely absorbed, and fully expecting we hadn’t been missed.

It wasn’t until the next morning when the accusations began to fly. What were Duff and Kelly doing up there alone all night? Something is obviously going on between them. I saw them kissing. Mike, she’s two-timing you…

“What?! NOTHING happened!”

“Oh sure….”, the accusers responded.

“Honestly! We’re completely innocent! We were JUST talking!”, we defended ourselves.

There was nothing we could say to convince the accusers otherwise. We had already been tried and convicted. The verdict was in. Duff and Kelly were guilty of something…….but nobody was sure of exactly what!


  1. Great cliff hanger! You’ve been telling lots of bedtime stories I can tell. What a gift you have. I’m so glad you are writing this story.


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