Photo Op


We headed out to the zoo on Friday after a week of standardized testing, obligations, and a handful of appointments.

We were sad that Duff and Maddie couldn’t join us, but they apparently had more important things to do. ;)

We didn’t have to be anywhere at any certain time.  We left when we were ready and came home when we were done.

It felt positively wonderful to be free from any schedule or time frame.  <deep sigh>

Just a happy-go-lucky day with my children creating memories.  I had been looking forward to it for days.

O'Melia Bus


We planned our visit ahead so we could get in FREE as a NC homeschool!  Nothing beats that!


Best Friends


I brought this monkey to visit the chimpanzees…


Two Monkeys


My little minion and Kendall became fast friends.


Chimp Communication


They developed an immediate rapport.  Each studying the other ever-so-intently.  It was one of my favorite moments.


Chimp Affinity


Every single sculpture and rock begged to be climbed on, screaming ‘photo op’!


Three Stooges


I did my best to take advantage of all the little posers. ;)


Taming the Lioness


Of course my good camera decided to find an amazing hiding spot in the van, and I only discovered his whereabouts upon returning home.

My iPhone would have to suffice.

These Two


Logan wanted to see the lions more than anything this time.  He was pretty disappointed when he discovered them taking a serious nap.

On the upside, we got to visit the lemurs and they were quite entertaining. (Sorry, Nana, no meerkats.)




This boy.

He was carrying a new stick every time I turned around.


Must Have Stick


I mean you’ve got to admit he looks tough and all, but he was a threat to all stroller moms and their precious cargo.

I was forced to disarm him repeatedly.


Lethal Weapon


They enjoyed each habitat they visited.




I think the animals were exceptionally active on this day because of the fantastic weather.


I spy an Elephant!

Elephant 2


My little people hopped on these elephant statues and screamed “cheese”.


Sittin' on an Elephant


I never take this smile for granted…


Happy Girl


The bus ride to North America was a huge hit.


Bus Ride


I guess it’s pretty much every child’s dream to ride a bus.


My Boy on the Bus


The mountain lion cubs were just adorable.


Mountain Lion Cubs


There were three of them. One was snoozing on his back right beside the glass.  The kids loved seeing those giant kitty paws.




We found another rock to scale…

Climbing Rocks



only one little minion wasn’t very successful in his attempts.




Not to worry.

He jumped up on this little stump instead and demanded I take his pic.




I was only too happy to oblige,

when he pierced right through this momma’s heart with those baby blue eyes.


Them Eyes


Gavin was our fearless leader.  He kept us moving forward, ensuring we visited every last animal before departure time.


I'm Bad


Makinley hopped, skipped, and jumped her way along the meandering paths.  I was shocked to learn that the red river hogs were her favorite “because they dig in the dirt”.  She dreamed of riding the tram that passed through the zoo all day long.  I promised we would take it back to the parking lot at the end of our visit.


Kin Kin


The seals torpedoed pass this glass window at regular intervals causing many delighted screams to erupt.




I discovered these three little polar bears hiding out in a cave.


Three Polar Bears


Then we met Patches.


Patches 1


She was bashful yet playful, and definitely seemed younger than her 26 years.


Patches 3


We learned that the NC Zoo is planning to have 4 more polar bears by the end of the summer. (Aunt Nancy, You better plan your trip accordingly. :) )


Patches 4


We stopped by the playground and let the youngers climb and slide for a bit.


Spiders 2


Logan never wanted to leave.  He was having so much fun on the leaf slide.

We forced him onward and the otters were enjoyed by all.

They were frolicking about on this log…




and then plunged into the water to impress us with their underwater maneuvers.




The bison.




Every year we climb upon his back.




It’s tradition.




Normally we visit the zoo when temperatures are warmer and my children dream of drowning themselves in the geyser.




This year they seemed content watching it soar.




Even Mr. Grizzly was feeling frisky enough to climb around and entertain us.




We covered every square inch of that zoo.




No rock was left unvisited.




No picture was left untaken.


Keag 2


Our weary legs finally led us back to the tram station where we discovered soft serve ice cream.




There was no passing it by.




Everything about that delightful spring day screamed for ice cream,


Ice cream 1


and we enjoyed it ever-so-much.


Ice Cream 2


Then it was onward to the tram.  Makinley was beside herself with excitement…


The Tram


Until I discovered we were in the wrong line and missed the final tram to Africa.

Oh, she was heart broken.

She begged me to bring her back tomorrow.

“Not tomorrow,” I said,

“but perhaps sometime soon.”


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