Our Little Minion Turns 3!!

When ‘Despicable Me 2′ was released on iTunes, my little guy became obsessed with minions.  He walked around the house chanting BEEEE-DOOO, BEEEE-DOOO!  He would sneak away with the iPad (this kid is super-ninja stealthy…trust me), when I was preoccupied with homeschooling, and we’d find him hidden in a dark room watching his little yellow friends.

My boy was riveted by these chubby fellas.  His fascination didn’t really surprise me though. The minion is just a two-year-old bundled up and repackaged in a bright yellow suit with goggles.  They have exactly the same energy, silliness, and sense of humor as my boy.



So when we began talking about Logan’s upcoming birthday, he insisted on having a “Bee-Do Party” with a “Bee-Do cake”.  He was super-excited about his birthday this year and we made it a big deal.

My oldest four kids are at such a great age and they helped me out tremendously in putting everything together.  We scooted Logan off to bed early the night before and they began inflating balloons, wrapping presents, and decking the downstairs out in all things minion, so that their little brother would have quite a surprise waiting for him come morning.

They even purchased gifts with their own money for our favorite little guy.

I didn’t wrap a single gift….



I didn’t inflate or tie even one balloon…


Ready Set Go!


We all worked as a team putting this together, and had a blast doing it!


Li'l Minion and Bubbles


Are you curious about the character at the end of the table sporting the cowboy hat?

That was Luke’s special addition. :)


Here, take a closer look…


Cowboy Arthur Minion


Mr. Balloon kinda struck us as a cross between Arthur and a minion, so we affectionately called him ‘Cowboy Arthur Minion’. :)

The kids arranged all the gifts and hid minions among them.  Lukie added his special homemade card to the display.  It was one-of-a-kind special.


Hidden Minions


Most especially the words written inside…

The kid cracks me up. Regularly.


Luke's Card


And then it was decided that a minion hidden beneath the toilet seat lid would be the perfect thing to greet our birthday boy, who just so happens to be an early morning voider. :)

We went to bed late, after much decorating fun, excited to see Logan’s reaction the following morning.


Hidden Minion


He awakened soaked-to-the-gills and required an immediate birthday bath.  It was pure torture for him…


Birthday Tubby


We got him dressed and took him to the top of the stairs.


All Decked Out


Here he is making the descent into ‘minion land’.


Here He Comes...


He had a big hug for his brother. :)


Brother Love


I love how he enjoyed and noticed all of the decorations.


Li'l Minion


Enjoying the Decorations


The table of prezzies definitely caught his eye…


I Spy Presents!


We decided to let him open ‘just one’ before breakfast.


My Own Putty!


Glow-in-the-dark putty from big brother Luke.  Logan’s entire existence here on Earth is now complete.  He owns his own putty.  What more could a boy want in this life?

Glowing Putty


Daddy Duff had arisen early to acquire the donuts for birthday breakfast, and it was time to partake in some early morning sugar.

We chased it down with milk (or a large mug of coffee, in my case).


Yes, Please!


He really enjoyed the donuts he requested…


Mmmm Mmm Good!


Makinley is most probably looking downcast here because she detests donuts.  I know.  Unbelievable.  Sometimes I really do wonder if she is my child.


Birthday Breakfast


I offered her buttered toast instead…and we had the beginnings of a smile. Confused.




It was time for another present…




Ahhh, yes. Another rite of passage…




His first Nerf gun.

My First Nerf Gun


I found it very amusing that my boy kept using his Play-Doh pocket knife to help cut the ribbons.  Can’t imagine where he gets this from.


Handy dandy Pocket Knife


My Maddie wrapped a package which contained the following instructions and three bags:


Uh oh! Minion Hunt!


She had turned yellow Easter eggs into minions, filled them with chocolate surprises, and then hidden them all over the house.


Li'l Minions


The three youngest had an absolute blast finding all these little guys.


Hidden Minions


Oh yes, and the goodies inside were a hit as well.  Here he is checking out his finds.


Egg Hunt Goodies


Now…what to do with all this excess sugar energy on a super-rainy Saturday?  It was off to Jumpin’ Jax we went!

Logan loved it!  Just check out the birthday joy on this boy’s face…


Birthday Joy!


Big brother Luke showed him the ropes.

Best Buddies!


Gabby and Makinley were all smiles as well.


Go Gabby!

Kin Kin!


I forced him to take a picture with me.  He was bored.  Sadly, I’m no longer the center of his world.


Love My Boy!


He’d rather be playing arcade games,


Fun at Jumpin Jax


or sporting his newest minion gear.


Little Minion 2


Now I’m not really a cake maker.  But when the baby of the family requests a minion cake, you reach to the very bottom of your assorted skills bag, muster up some courage, and make one.

I followed this step-by-step tutorial, and it was actually very easy.


Minion Cake


When the time finally arrived to reveal my masterpiece, the birthday boy feigned ignorance.

I was flabbergasted.

I have to believe he recognized this cake to be a minion, but didn’t want to give me the satisfaction.

I mean it looked EXACTLY like the little yellow fellow on the t-shirt he was wearing.

Logan and Mommy


Instead he studies the sweet confection I labored over for hours and says, “What is it?”

Clip #2 from Kelly OMelia on Vimeo.



The Candle is Lit!


Oh that boy!

It’s a good thing I love him so incredibly much and have a decent sense of humor!

He gave me a good chuckle and then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the newest three-year-old on the block.

Clip #3 from Kelly OMelia on Vimeo.


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