Makinley’s 5th Birthday

My Little Tinkerbell

Sometimes the simplest of birthday parties are really the most fun.

There’s no timeline.

No stress.

The birthday girl comes first.

And she can run the show.

We completely surprised Makinley last Saturday afternoon.

She didn’t suspect a thing.

We secretly ran out and grabbed all the last-minute essentials for a Tinkerbell fairy party.

She was clueless.

Duff took her along to pick up our oldest from theater class so we could make all the preparations.

She whined, complained, and dug her heels in.

She really didn’t want to go.

Leaving the house on such a dreary, rainy day was not her idea of a good time.

We insisted. ;)

They pulled away from the house and the other kids and myself flew into action.

We hung balloons, twisted streamers, and spread tablecloths.


We baked M&M bars, sliced strawberries, and set out Doritos with soda pop.

M&M Bars

Party Food

Then we waited.


When the guest of honor arrived, her daddy sent her off to the mailbox to check for mail.

This gave all of us an opportunity to hide before she entered the house alone.

Here she is coming in for the first time:

She said she couldn’t figure out where everyone disappeared to and whose birthday it was.

I think we scared her. :/  Whoops.

So then we had her go back outside for a ‘re-do’, and she enjoyed the surprise much more the second-time around. :)

IMG 8764 (2) from Duff OMelia on Vimeo.

We suggested she open her first package immediately, which contained a sweet Tinkerbell outfit, wings and all.

She ran upstairs to be transformed into her favorite little green fairy.

 My Tink

Maddie did her hair.

 Tinky Hair

Wings and a Knot

Tinkerbell ate a few strawberries,

Strawberry Lover

before deciding it was time to open another present.

Go for it, we said.

Princess Memory

Princess Memory.  Makinley rocks at this game.

She can beat me at this game even when I’m trying. Not sure what this says about me…:/

She wanted to play right away…


but I think she was a little distracted by the rest of her gifts.

She didn’t win. <gasp>

Princess Candy Land came next, which was very well received.


Kin suggested the whole fam play a game of freeze tag outside, but given the weather, we talked her into indoor hide-n-seek instead.

I was ‘it’ first.

Apparently this game causes me to scream at the top of my lungs.

I was groping behind the Christmas tree box in a dark closet when my eyes suddenly adjusted to the light

and Makinley’s little face came into focus inches away from me.


I fear I frightened the poor dear to death.  I screamed that loud.  Boy, did she surprise me.

Now I still needed to find my tricky husband.  He doesn’t just hide and stay put.

Instead he roams all over the house during the game.

So I went to recheck a closet I had only closed moments before and….


I discovered a full-grown man standing right in front of me.

Totally unexpected.

I decided I now hate the game, my nerves can no longer handle it.

And boy was I glad that I’d emptied my bladder before the fun began. :o

At last it was my turn to hide.

Gavin and Logan were counting.

I found myself in the girls’ room with one second to spare before searching began.

I spied the lower bunkbed with many stow-away containers stored beneath, on the outward-facing side of the bed.

I realized if I could somehow cram myself under the bed, between the containers and the wall, I would be golden.

Competitive-stubborn Kell immediately surfaced.

I would squeeze myself under this bed if it killed me.

To-heck-with spinal alignment and skeletal structure.

I wriggled.

I squirmed.

I. Was. In.

My lower back and hip were throbbing,

but they would never expect that I could’ve disappeared into this space.

They searched for over 20 minutes.

They brainstormed.

They rechecked and combed every room in the house.

 They solicited Duff’s help.

They ultimately turned on the lights in desperation and spotted a little something about the storage containers that looked off.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! :)

Luke pulled me out by my ankles from underneath the bunk.  It was the only way. I couldn’t budge.

And now it was time for more presents…

Play-doh and princess shoes.


We followed up all the excitement with a first-time viewing of ‘The Little Mermaid’ by the whole clan.

Well except for G, he was out after 10 minutes.

Hide-and-go-seek had worked up an appetite.  We had tacos for dinner, one of her favorites.  She loves all things Mexican.

Taco Time!

Afterwards, she just had to create sweet Play-doh treats.

Play-Doh Cupcake

Birthday cake came last.  She only likes the ice-cream variety.

It had plenty of fairies and pixie dust on top.

Birthday Cake

She blew out the candles after several attempts with her best friend looking on.

birthday candle blow-out

Happy 5th Birthday, Makinley!

It was a blast!







  1. Love this. Smiled and laughed the whole time while reading. She’s just the sweetest Tinker.

    You make me want to write a blog chronicling everything.

    And those M&M bars look delicious! Recipe plz! :)

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