Cabin Fever

The Cabin

For the first six days of our mountain adventure we had nonstop illness.

It came in the form of raging fevers that lasted five days and a 48 hour stomach bug.

Sick Gabby

I literally waited hand and foot on listless children, lounging across sofas, watching countless hours of television.

I medicated, forced fluids, and buttered toast for days.

Just when I thought we were exiting the forest, the next child would fall ill.

I was beginning to start with a pretty intense fever myself, cabin fever that is.


Saturday arrived.

I entertained the idea of abandoning Duff with all the kids, and making a run for the nearest shopping mall.

Google Maps laughed at me.

One hour and 24 minutes to the nearest Target? So much for medicating myself through shopping.

I resigned myself to spending the day at home AGAIN. Two of the kids were still sick.

Well, at least I got to spend the day with Duff, taking care of the sick. That was the bright side I clung to.

But then his laptop began to act all funny. Bad funny.

And he was off to make the super-long trek to the same place I had googled earlier that morning…1 hour and 24 minutes away.

He took 3 kids with him and I was once again stuck at home.

I know…poor me. ;)

But let me tell you something…’cabin fever’ is real.

Oh, I know I’m being dramatic.

And sure I had many things to be thankful for…but it was really beginning to get to me…this being cooped up for a week thing.

Sunday arrived and the weather was absolutely stunning.

The children were all without fever.

There was no apparent nausea or vomiting on my radar.


I bathed them, brushed them, and dressed them in fresh clothes.

And friends….

TN Mountains

we left the house.

We enjoyed…

hot coffee with breathtaking views,




Keag and Logie

car rides with no destination,

the sandbox,

The sandbox

canoe trips,

Duff and Keag in canoe

(Can you spy the tiny canoe?)

a couples only walk,

Duff and Kell

(Why? Because we could.)

gathering firewood,

Gav and his branch

Kin and Keag





mads and G

toasting marshmallows,

G and K marshmallows

Gav and Keag roasting marshmallows

Logan marshmallow


and each other.


It was pure awesome to be off house arrest!

Just pure awesome.


  1. Irene Jackson says:

    So happy everyone’s better and you get to have some fun! Is Duff’s computer all better?

    • Kelly O'Melia says:

      Thanks, Irene. :) The computer is still sick in the shop which makes working a little difficult for him. He is going to try to use my machine tomorrow. Should be interesting.;)

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