Happy 16th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Christian O'Melia October 12, 1996

21 years ago I met a man who drove me absolutely crazy in the worst way imaginable.

He annoyed me…and I aggravated him.

He was my complete opposite, everything that I wasn’t.

The only thing we had between us were differences, lots and lots of differences.

But you know what they say about opposites…

And as time passed, we began to appreciate the differences.

A mutual respect grew between us.

We came to admire the other person’s goals and ambitions, personalities and gifts.

We became great friends.  We laughed a lot.  We lost track of time together.

Until one day there was something more…

something neither one of us could deny.


And that love seemed absolutely perfect, truer than true.

I walked down the aisle a few years later without reservation, fear, or concern.

Certain that the nervous groom who stood waiting at the front of the church was my prince charming,

the man with whom I wanted to share the rest of my days.

But would our love stand the test of time?

When responsibilities stifled…

and financial struggles loomed…

and illness threatened…

and stress pressured…

would our marriage hold??

Today, 16 years later, I find myself more in love with my husband than I was on that crisp October day in 1996.

Make no mistake, he’s not perfect.

He can not make a bed to save his life.

And…he has this bothersome habit of leaving his socks in an ever-expanding heap on the bedroom floor.

But he is an amazing husband to me.

He has walked faithfully by my side every step of the way.

He encourages and pushes me to be the very best I can be.

He never limits my potential, but offers his support in whatever I might decide to pursue.

He drops everything when I need him.

I love how he has dreams, goals, passions, and interests.

I love his spontaneity.

I love how he’s quick to laugh and crack jokes.

I love how he listens to me, just sitting there and letting me unload.

He has an ability to make me feel beautiful, even when I’m unshowered, disheveled, and wearing spit up down my yoga pants.

He randomly buys me little things he knows I’ll appreciate.

He takes the best care of me when I’m sick.

He has never failed to make me feel like the love of his life. Never.

I love how he can still get jealous.

I love how he wants to protect me.

I love how he wakes up chatty and happy, even though I’m a silent grump.

I love how he learned to make delicious coffee for me even before he enjoyed it himself.

He provides for his family and leads us with strength and courage.

He repairs things around the house even though he despises it.

He understands my strange quirks and enjoys my silly sense of humor.

He can totally read my mind, frightening but true.;)

When I’m overwhelmed and needing a break, he steps up and carries my load.

When I hit my wall, he ushers me off to bed.

He serves me in countless ways.

I can not imagine life without him.


Thank you for placing Duff in my life…in our children’s lives.

Thank you for the last 16 years of JOY.

Thank you for choosing the perfect husband for me before I had the wisdom to do so myself.

He is such a blessing to me.


  1. Becca Cumby says:

    Happy Anniversary Kelly & Duff! You all are awesome! A true representation of Christ at the center of a marriage. God bless you & your precious family always! Love, Becca, Rick, Emmie, & David Cumby :)

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